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Wings Exhaust Repack

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I got a used Wings exhaust from my buddy that sold his 790 Adventure R. The exhaust sounded okay with the cat installed, but as soon as I decatted the bike, it had a raspy/tinny sound. Thought maybe it needed new packing so I ordered a kit from Wings.

1. Started off punching and drilling the rivets from the end cap.

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2. The old packing didn't look bad and probably didn't need replacing to be honest.

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3. Old/new comparison. There's two different kits you can order...a "big" and "small" kit. The difference between the two is that the "small" kit doesn't come with the metal baffle. You probably don't need it and could reuse the old metal baffle. I plan to get some more packing and have a standby repack kit ready if needed.

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4. I was concerned that all the rivets and threaded inserts was going to cause issues inserting the new packing and baffle, but it was getting the pipe and baffle aligned that took some work. Nothing a large pry bar couldn't handle though.

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5. Don't mind the scratched was like that when I got it. Sometimes getting it "used" comes with some compromises. Can't really see the slip-on anyway due to the side bags.

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6. I spent over an hour trying to get the end cap holes lined up. If the holes aren't perfect, the large rivets provided by Wings will not fit. After fiddling with this for a while, I eventually gave up and used my own rivets that are smaller. They worked fine, so I'm not sure why Wings feel the need to use such huge rivets.

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It's all reassembled now and it does sound better. It has a deeper tone (which I prefer) and doesn't have that raspy/tinny sound anymore. I may still experiment with a "high flow" cat...something similar to what Arrow sells. And by "similar", I mean the mid-pipes sold on AliExpress.

Anyway, just wanted to share this mod with the group in case others were looking to repack their exhaust.
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Good report!
How many km/miles on the old filling?
Around 15k I believe.
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