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I am not sure why this annoys me as much as it does, but in the reviews in the British, Australian & New Zealand magazines they keep referring to this 8 kg difference between the Norden and 890 Adventure R. This comes directly from KTM posting dry weights (No fluids or battery) and Husqvarna for whatever reason posting "weight without fuel" on their website. Interestingly I see for the 2022 Adv R on the KTM website there is no weight posted.

Anyway if you look at the manuals the "weight without fuel" for the 2021 890 Adventure R is 200kg and the Norden is 204kg. The difference is 4 kg. Rottwieler Performance measured the fully fuelled weight of the 890Adv R and a Norden 901 they got 470lbs (213kg) and 472lbs (214kg) respectively. Taking into account then difference in fuel capacity, the difference in wieght is closer to 2kg on an equal basis.

Many adventure and dual sport riders obsess about such numbers. I am one of those obviously. I wonder if incorrect information is hurting sales out here in Aus & NZ.

I am very happy with my choice of Norden 901. I had a 790 Adv before it. Lighter even again, but this 890 engine is so much better. I have of course added a number of heavy items to and if a few a few kilograms worries me I could well afford to lose then from around my waistline.

Happy trails all.
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