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I was clapping out my suspension hard over water bars and heavy hits, it was a matter of time before I blew them out. Problem solved. Paul at EVO Oregon put in new springs and revalved the forks. I replaced the rear shock with a take off from a 890R that I bought from Paul who dialed it in. Now, if I didn't ride super rocky, ledgey, jeep trails in the Rocky Mountains heavily loaded with camping gear, food, tools, etc. I would have had him revalve and respring the rear shock.

The bike rides beautifully now. I loaded my panniers with tools and heavy gear and did a test ride on a rocky jeep trail with loads of water bars on it. I was jumping the damn thing and not even close to bottoming out and I had only dialed it to the Sport setting!!! If I rode two up with gear and dialed it to Full Load I imagine it would handle it with ease. It always amazing me how much easier it is to ride technical trails with upgraded suspension. What a difference maker it is.

The other bonus is it feels so much more planted on the pavement, no more wiggles or wags riding hard and bad pitty cracked asphalt.

If you are interested call Paul, info below, I found him cause someone else on this site used him and mentioned him, I called and he knew exactly what he was talking about, what I wanted, and was super easy to deal with. I took off my forks (easy) and he sent a prepaid label, I packed the forks in a gun case and in a week they were back.

I think it's about a $1000 to respring and revalve the fork and shocks, It'll be the best money spent on an upgrade to this bike

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