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Hey all,

I thought I'd share my current set up of my Norden as I am really enjoying it and it all seems to be very effective for my majority in town and gravel road needs.

I also haven't seen a ton of people talking a lot about these adjustments

I have adjusted all my suspension to 'Sport' rebound/compression/preload.

Cloud Wheel Tire Water Sky

Arrow Mid pipe with stock muffler.
Major improvement on sound off stock, without a huge full exhaust cost. Lots of attitude under load and through quick shifts but not annoying or super loud at idle. Not to mention the weight savings and potential performance benefits.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive tire

Pelican 1450 Case. Bolted directly to the stock luggage rack. Pulled the rack off made template and centred for drilling holes in the bottom. Use some metric bolts i had laying around to bolt it on. Fits 15 pack of beer or a shoe box or a small bag of groceries and doesn't look like an eye sore sticking off the back and keeps me narrow in the city.
Gas Auto part Metal Baggage Travel

FIAMM 72112 low tone horn swap. The stock horn is miserable and no one hears you. This is the best $20 you can spend for your safety. It sounds like a car horn and bolts right on to the existing bracket and wiring. You just need to snip the existing connector in half to spread out the wires a little more.

Automotive tire Light Automotive design Motor vehicle Hood

RAM Mount + Buy Bits Socket + Nicecnc mount. Fits the phone holder snug and right above the existing screen. Haven't had this for long, but it looks like its going to be pretty nice.
The only thing I thought of doing is buying some 1/8th inch hard rubber mat and putting it between the AMP mount and the ball socket to reduce vibration to my phone so it doesn't damage the camera potentially. But it doesn't need it from a purely functional perspective.

Cameras & optics Camera lens Camera Camera accessory Machine

The tires are slightly more off road bias than would prefer. Once the Pirellis wear out I will likely switch to the Avon Trailriders. Next I will likely do the Rottweiler Intake modification to help the thing breathe a little better.

I welcome any questions or feedback. Thanks for lookin!

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Great mods! I'll be ordering one of those horns ASAP! I hate the stock horn, it's pretty useless.

I've been running the Motoz tractionator GPS tires and love them if your interested.

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