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Today more then 400 km to end running in the engine. This bike is easy and fun to drive, short, compact, explosive if you wont. Really different from the KTM 1xx0 series, but from ktm 890 also.

I drive to Passo Sella, Dolomites. Temperature higher than last week, from 0 to 9 Celsius, roads often dirty and slippery. I try to go Passo Fedaia, under Marmolada Mountain, the highest peak of Dolomites, but there was a lot of ice on the road.

There was a lot of salt and water mush on the road, in thirty km I had to stop three times to clean the visor, and when I returned the cleaning of the bike with cold water was long and accurate.

Not good: front suspension doesn’t work at low stresses, and the bike has not the hazard.

Ah! I realized that last time I hadn't put the thermal layer in my jacket! That's why I had been so cold. Today, with much higher temperatures, no problems.

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