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Hello, everyone,

I got the Wingman Red and I'm not very happy with it at the moment, maybe it's an operator error on my part.

I have currently done this:
According to the manufacturer, with an OBD2 adapter connected to the EURO5 connector.

A firmware update was performed as described in the video "Android WiFi Direct Update & Setup Process", but unfortunately I have had problems with the WiFi connection since then.

What works:
  • I get a notification after a movement "Anti-Theft"
  • all trips are recorded

But since then I've had the following problems:
  • I can't find Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi -Direct
  • Failed to calibrate on setup because it can't connect
  • Dashboard does not work
  • DTC - Trouble Codes not working

Technical specifications: Vehicle: Husqvarna North 901 "2022"
Hardware: Wingman Red
Hardware version: iW-SYS26-08-R3.3.4.0
Firmware version: 0.10.7 06/17/2022

Cable connection: OBD2 adapter to RideLink and OBD2 female - Euro5 (6 pin)
Android App: Version 0.16.2 RideLink - Never Ride Alone - Apps on Google Play
Smartphone: Samsung S20 5G

Has anyone had experience with this and gotten it to work on the Husqvarna North 901?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts