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:..Pretty Big trip planned for early thirty this Tuesday..:

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Heading westbound this coming Tuesday morning.

First stop is seeing a best friend in Salida, CO.

A mere 815 sMiles from my daughters home in Des Moines, IA.

Should be a 12 hour-ish tour.

After that a day of rest and then a romp to Torrey UT for the annual May gathering of peeps that descend on this 1 stop light town.

I cannot wait to see how good the bike performs on a long romp.

I also cannot wait to see if the midpipe & shock guard installed a few days ago will be the "heat fix" it should be...

I will report back asap.
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Bring some good rain gear. According to our local news this morning, rain is forecasted for Colorado for the next 10 days.
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yes, I've been watching the weather with a keen eye, my friend.

Thanks for the heads up
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Have a safe trip. I am looking to do the P A Wilds trip this weekend. Will find out tomorrow if my expedition wikk be ready.
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I suggest a Roho Airhawk for that first leg! Not a bunch of curves to ease the monkey butt.


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Welp, I did the 820 sMiles from Des Moines to Salida CO in 12.5 hours ride time. Weather was chilly as I headed out @ 3am.
Rolled over in a VERY spirited ride to Torrey, UT @ 500 miles exactly. Like hitting the twisties and averaging 80-85 mph "spirited". The RX-Pedition loved every minute of it and No Heat.!
Did the Burr Trail & Fish Lake and now Sunday head back to Salida.
Not sure if my route yet...but there will be more "spirited" romping involved I am most certain.
Lay down for a day, then back to DSM on Tuesday.
I'll make a better ride report once back in DSM.
hmmmm.. Oregon.

Oregon has some of the best IPA's on the planet.

Let alone terrific roads.

Yeah, I might just hafta jump up there this summer.

I need to visit Flathead Lake, MT also. - make it a package deal.
Let me know when, I'll get the gang together and we can ride some epic roads in the Tillamook forest.
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