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One finger clutch upgrade

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Easily the best upgrade I’ve done. CAMEL 1 finger clutch. First it makes the clutch super easy to pull. Second it gives you a longer clutch throw. So off road when you need to drag the clutch a bit, or when making tight u turns, u have just a tad more throw. The stock clutch was just too short, either on or off if that makes sense. The lower pic shows the new arm (is slightly bigger) Took about 45 minutes, just you tube it
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Thanks for your share @Javaddicted. I'm waiting for the delivery of mine and can't wait to try it.
Just curious if anyone had a really big issue with the clutch pull on their bike or if you’re just upgrading to try some thing (“for the heck of it”)? I think the clutch pull is absolutely perfect and extremely light and can’t imagine desiring the pull to be any lighter.

Perhaps for the 790/890 Adventure or 890 Adv R (none of which I have any experience with) there was more tension (because of a heavy duty clutch or something like that)? And it just so happened that the Camel part fit for those also fits the 901 Norden so Camel decided to market it even though it may not actually be required for the Norden like it was with the KTMs (hey, money is money)? Just curious what reasons y’all have. Seems unnecessary to me, although I was certainly eyeing it, too (for the heck of it). I installed the heat shield for the rear shock, but just didn’t see the point in the clutch mod.

I have 330 miles on my bike and about 70-80 of those are on dirt forest roads and/or rugged jeep trails and the clutch pull was never on my mind, just the gearing being too high.
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