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Norden Reg/Rec

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G'day All,

Does anyone know if the Norden has a "Shunt" or "Mosfet" reg/rec? I can't find anything in the Workshop Manual (which is a bit surprising).
For anyone wondering what I'm blathering on about:

"The regulator function of a voltage regulator/rectifier is shunting, or redirecting, current from the stator to ground to be dissipated as heat when it senses the battery voltage is high enough, and therefore fully charged. A more common shunt-type regulator uses a solid-state electrical component called a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) as a switch to send stator current to the battery or to ground when the battery is full. A MOSFET-type regulator, however, uses the much more efficient MOSFET transistor to perform the switching.

The main differences are in switching speed and heat generation. The SCR is very slow to switch, requiring lots of electrical current and resulting in a great deal of heat, and variation in the battery voltage. The MOSFET is extremely quick to switch positions and requires much less current, resulting in a much cooler unit and significantly more stable battery voltage. Remember, heat is the primary killer of voltage regulator/rectifiers, so an upgrade that runs cooler and works better makes a lot of sense."

In other words, A Mosfet lasts MUCH longer than a Shunt and I have fitted Mosfets to all my bikes.
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