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Norden 901 on the MABDR

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Just finished all nine sections of the MABDR with my Norden 901. Continued north to Lake Ontario to see family and friends and then back to Virginia. Packed up with 70 lbs. of travel and camping gear using awesome Mosko Moto paniers and 35 liter duffel. A summary of Norden experiences:

  • Very agile bike – handled the trails like a champ. Glad I upgraded the tires to TKC80s.
  • Suspension bottomed out on rare occasions, but otherwise performed well
  • Low center of gravity played out well during the technical part of the trails
  • Power and acceleration were perfect. Was able to finesse the rock gardens, but then shoot up the hills, turns, and straight-aways at high speeds.
  • Like the ability to change modes (on/off road, abs, etc.) on the fly. My buddy on the GS1250 had to stop and turn off his rig to change abs.
  • I believe this bike strikes a balance among the adventure motorcycle offerings. Glad I made the purchase

  • That damn windshield! Wind buffering was terrible at speeds exceeding 65 mph. I had changed out the mirrors and added a small Givi screen, but they didn’t help that much. Looking forward to the release of the bigger screen.
  • Quick shifter sometimes gave me problems. Wouldn’t shift up during acceleration

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Sweet pics. Good use on the new bike. Iam loading up, hopefully to ride either the MABDR or the NEBDR. Looks like you had a good trip.
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