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Norden 901 from lower saxony

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Hello everyone, I wanted to show you my new Norden, it has only just run about 100 km. Some parts have been removed so far, the original mirrors have been replaced with the Highsider handlebar end mirrors.
A SW-MOTECH micro tank bag is installed on the luggage rack.
To reduce the weight, I removed the pillion grips, the pillion footrests, the tool kit and swapped the original battery for a lithium ion battery. That's a total weight saving of 5 kg.

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Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank Water
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Mir fehlt der direkte Vergleich. Ich muss da noch einmal gezielt beide Windschilder nacheinander fahren. Bin bisher immer Naked Bikes gefahren und das war viel besser. Bei Geschwindigkeiten bis 120 km/h brauche ich keinen Schild. Gegen Kälte und Regen hilft es natürlich.
Bin 183cm groß. Auch in der niedrigen Sitzeinstellung schaut man bei 10m Entfernung über die Scheibe. Durch die Scheibe würde man bei 5m wahrscheinlich schauen müssen.
A lighter rear silencer would of course be a good solution in terms of looks, sound and weight, but it would also be expensive. If the volume of the muffler is reduced, it will also cost engine power. Removing the catalytic converter is out of the question for me. Riding a vintage motorcycle or car is fine, but sending a well engineered motorcycle 10-15 years back in time is not for me.
These spacers are needed when the pillion grips are removed. 20mm is really the absolute minimum, 23mm distance create the original grips.
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Update with high fender from Polisport.
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However, some material must be removed for the brake line.
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