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Good day all
My name is Wynand from South Africa. We are not as lucky as some of you, as the Nordens will only be arriving in South Africa at the end of January.

I have been riding an KTM 1190 Adventure for the last 7 years and decided to purchase a Norden when I first saw it 2 years ago at the launch as a concept bike. THE KTM will be hidden away from my wife. 馃槅 as long as possible.

We are blessed in South Africa with fantastic riding conditions and wonderful places to see.

Nice to share with like minded people.

Happy travels all.
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Welcome to the forum Wynand,
I suppose the end of January is not that far away, here in Australia I have been given an early March date which seems forever away :(
Although it is great reading about other people's arrivals and early ride experiences.
Marko (y)
Welcome Wayand,
As Marko G stated, the end of January will be here in the blink of an eye. Then again, when you鈥檙e waiting for something, times seems to slow down. Anyhow, welcome to the group and hope you get your Norden soon. I myself am coming from a 2009 r1200gs and the Norden feels like a mountain bike compared to it. Take care and ride safe!!

Good news today. Nordens arriving the 24th, so maybe I should just go camping on the Dealership front lawn.
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Nordens arrived in South Africa KZN at Perry Bike today. Collecting Thursday so this weekend it is Norden time馃嵑
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