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MPG after 1st service?

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I'm only at 350 miles so far (limited by weather and work) and I'm getting around 48 mpg, this is mostly twisty roads, city stop and go and a lot of testing the quick shifter. I think I could get a lot more on the highway or long distance especially after it gets better oil and a chance to fully brake in.

I'm curious what everyone is getting for miles per gallon after the first service and with what kind of riding? (Hwy, Off-road, City, Twisties)
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59 to 60 on the dash, dirt roads some tar and occasional super slab. 56 when doing the math at fillups.
Getting about 4.4 l/100km (~53mpg) but I only use E10 fuel (10% Bioethanol). The display says roughly the same...
Been riding on all sorts of roads, even the German Autobahn. No off-road though...
Got about 2600km on the clock now.
I'm very pleased and surprised at the gas mileage I've been getting on my Norden 901. The worst so far is 59 MPG and the best is 64 MPG. My bike has 1,573 miles on the bike now and it had it's first service 300 miles ago. This mileage is from paved roads primarily. I'm lucky to be living in the Sierra foothills so I'm riding on good twisty asphalt roads most of the time. I've been very skeptical on the mpg that the Norden is reporting, so I've done a series of checks to make sure that it is correct. I've checked the bike's distance traveled against the GPS and it matches. I consistently filled the tank to the same spot (bottom of the gas tank filler neck) each time. Last check was 160 miles traveled and when filling up the tank it took 2.5 gallons. I use Premium Gas purchased at a convenience store ( I believe it is 91 octane).

I love this engine so that's why I was attracted to the Norden when I heard it had the KTM 890 motor in it. I have a KTM 890 Duke R - which I consider my "Goldilocks" bike. BUT maybe now the Husqvarna Norden 901 is my new "Goldilocks" bike <;-)
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I also love the engine, other than the starting on one cylinder for 30 seconds when cold. Right cyl hot left cyl cold. Great power and mileage. Fuel tables seem good. Its a fun bike!!! Enjoy!!
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