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Loose Headlight

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I was riding home in the dark tonight and noticed my headlight is aimed really low. When I got to the garage I found its flopping around (up and down, not left to right) and the adjuster doesn't have any effect. I haven't tried taking anything apart yet so figured I would check here to see if anybody had any suggestions. I guess it should be covered by warranty but would like to avoid leaving it at the dealer if its an easy fix.
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Check the screws first. They are 2 small screw for the adjuster system.
Check the screws first. They are 2 small screw for the adjuster system.
Can anyone point to a parts diagram for the Norden? I can't seem to find it.

I took a quick look this morning and see the screw that ties the adjustment linkage to the headlight has gone missing - probably just need to get a replacement.
Yes! Thanks. Looks like screw 19 is gone, will see if I can pick one up at the HW store.
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Scary price for a replacement headlight, 😱 note to ones self, buy a headlight protector.
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I had the headlight protector but a fall broke my headlight (mount point to the adjuster). Nice to have an adjuster but it was a weak point failure for my bike.
I hope mine is just the missing screw and not broken. I didn't take any falls yet, but have flogged it fairly well in some sandy whoops here in S. Jersey :)
I'm back from vacation and had a chance to look at the headlight. I was able to find a bolt to re-attach the headlight to the adjuster linkage, so the light is stable again. But, now the adjuster does not work and the light is aimed too low. I think I may have buggered something by trying to turn it too far while the linkage was disconnected. I can't get to the adjustment mechanism without splitting the headlight / dash fairing, but may have to do that next. Anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth a trip to the dealer (~1.5 hours away)?
Have you found the issue yet? My adjuster knob also does nothing. Bolt is in place and light is not vibrating, but nothing happens when i turn the knob.
I took it to the dealer and the only thing he did was show me that my knob was not completely locked up, just VERY difficult to turn - certainly not working the way it used to work before the bolt fell out. So I was able to get the light aimed high enough to be useful, but its still on the low side and not lighting up the road that well. At some point I'll have to take it all apart - it's not worth the 2.5 hour round trip to drop it off at the dealer and then another 2.5 hours to pick it.
I had the same problem. Knob was turning very heavy. Took the bike to the dealer and they repaired it. Something was stuck, didn't hear what, but now the knob is turning ever so smooth and the headlight can be adjusted. Kudos for my dealer (Niwa). Took them more than a hour.
Sounds like mine. Very stiff to turns and nothing happens...hope i have a capable dealer...
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