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Picked up a mount for my Zumo XT and installed it today. Quite impressed, it's made by a guy in Colorado, he sells them on ebay under the name "jimjovan".

First of all, I was a little worried about it being 3D printed. I shouldn't have been, it's plenty beefy. With the Zumo mounted, I tried to pull it off the 'locked' stand. I stopped when I realized the whole dash assembly was moving. Sucker's mounted! That's not coming off without tools or breaking something.

I also like how it's flush with the dash, unlike other mounts.

It came with a special 'key', which is really just a torx socket in a 3D printed knob.

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Sits flush with the dash screen. Sorry for the crappy picture, lighting was bad.

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Good sight angle and the rest of the stable. Garage is a bit full at the moment!

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Really a simple, but effective, mechanism. The little sliding bit has a notch in it that the screw sits down in when tight, so you can't force it down without applying enough force to break everything anyway.
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