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Interesting german Norden 901 video

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I find it particularly interesting that there were cold start problems. The next day my Norden had exactly this. I suspect, however, that it was the start procedure for me. I had stopped the bike using the kill switch the day before. Then turned on the ignition the next morning, waited a bit, and then started the engine. The engine ran very rough and would not take gas and then died.
If the kill switch is still active, the fuel pump does not run when the ignition is switched on.
That could have been the cause.
Then I switched the ignition off and on again with the kill switch off, here the fuel pump and everything was fine again.

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I am also having cold start issues on my Expedition, but I (generally) do not use the kill switch to shut off the bike. I turn on the key, wait for the screen to flash, then hit start, but sometimes it only starts a little roughly on one cylinder, with the second kicking in maybe a full 60 seconds or more later. Then a couple of days ago, I tried starting it twice and it ran briefly and roughly on one cylinder each time and died. Third try it lit right up. On both cylinders. I called my dealer to discuss, and they suggested trying either 87 or 89 octane fuel, to not give it any throttle at start up (I wasn't), and maybe at first start of the day, try cycling the start button a few times to ensure the fuel pump has primed. He did say that on colder mornings (under 45 degrees Fahrenheit) it will probably still do it. I guess this is a well known issue on the KTM890's, etc., but somehow I don't find that comforting or helpful. It's one thing to have it happen in the garage, and another in the backcountry.....
I am trying a lower octane fuel, etc., and will see if that solves it.
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