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Immobilizer Aerial Error

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Bike is throwing an "IMMOBILIZER AERIAL" error on the dash and the bike will not start.

  • Anyone experience this issue?
  • Suggestions to reset?
  • Potential causes?
I've contacted two dealers and they have not heard of this issue and cannot find an immobilizer aerial as an actual part.

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I'm assuming by aerial they are referring to an antenna or sensor... I would try disconnecting the battery, pulling fuses, waiting a while, then see if it goes away, maybe try the other key? hopefully you are not stuck somewhere...
Luckily didn't get stranded.

Have a contact at KTM NA and they said it's a software glitch. After disconnecting the battery as they suggested (which didn't solve the problem), looks like it needs to go to a dealer and get hooked up to an XC2 diagnostic tool.

I'll provide updates.
I had this exact issue. It would happen every now and then, but still it was incredibly frustrating. I took it to the dealer and they told me the voltage from the battery would be low if you let it sit with the high beams and auxiliary lights on. Load of bullshit that was. They told me they can only fix it if they see the code themselves. Right when they were about to give me the bike back, the error came up and they replaced the whole immobilizer/key system under warranty which would of been like 2k otherwise. Haven't had the issue since.

Alright guys - My apologies as I was waiting for the bike to get shipped from the Midwest to the West Coast and ran into some issues. (A different story for another day.)

Here's the breakdown:

After talking to some previous co-workers at KTM NA - they strongly recommended taking into a dealership and having them hook it up to an XC2 Diagnostic Tool. They did suggest unhooking the battery, doing a soft reset (remove battery and connect the + and - wires). If that didn't reset the computer, then definitely need to get a dealer involved.

I did the battery trick and the soft reset and the problem would go away and then resurface after a day or even a couple of start attempts. SO - I dropped it off at a dealer. Bill's Motorcycles + in Salem, OR (Skip to the bottom to hear the glowing review of the dealership.)

The dealership did the following first:

-Identified the problem using the XC2
-Reset the Computer
-Updated software
-KTM Group is gonna make the techs jump through all the hoops before replacing parts but thats every OEM

They also preemptively ordered a new key set, tumbler, and immobilizer before Husky authorized the repair/parts order because this was the next logical step in the process. They didn't know if parts were going to be available. They were, so parts were ordered.

-Installed the new parts


After keeping the bike for a couple days to test - the bike started reliably and all of this was covered under warranty.

If I didn't need to wait for the bike to arrive from the Midwest - this would have been done in 7-10days.

Again, if you're having any sort of electrical problem with any of these machines - take it to a dealer and have them hook it up.

GLOWING REVIEW: Bill's Motorcycles + in Salem, OR - These guys were awesome. The dealership itself looked more like a small engine repair shop than a polished Husky dealership but the customer service was off the charts. Never judge a book by it cover. I guess they're one of the largest Husky Offroad dealers on the West Coast. And - No, I'm not affiliated with the dealership at all - in fact I purchased my bike at MotoSport Roanoke and they didn't even give a hint of attitude about it. They called with updates, talked next steps, and were super cool to deal with. Big thanks to the guys at Bill's. (I didn't take it back to MS Roanoke because they're on the other side of the country. Those guys were awesome as well.)

I drove out of my way to go to Bill's simply because the local dealers were incompetent on the phone, didn't sound like they wanted to solve my problem, and a bunch of other excuses to not work on the bike.

I hope this helps everyone. If you're having any sort of ignition key/ immobilizer error code - save yourself the trouble and just take it to your local dealer.
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Had the same issue, yup just back from riding Colorado for 10 days, cleaned bike up took a 100-mile spin, came home sat there, wife started talking to me so I got back on the bike and rode to the dealer BSd for a few minutes told them about colorado trip and bike performance on the rough trails and passes. Came home wife started talking again so went to jump on the bike for another ride and it would not start, immobilizer antennae failure,,, took it to the dealer, in the back of the truck, they had to replace the immobilizer, took two weeks.

Has anyone had the issue a second time?
I had this back in September on a 9 day trip…cut short to 5 days due this issue.
Stuck on side of road in semi remote areas was a little unnerving and tried all the usual things, disconnected battery, removed fuses, waited awhile and it worked again, eventually started happening everytime I stopped. Found that coaxial cable that goes into ignition block was loose so every time I wiggled it, the error would go away and aI could start bike. In the end returned to dealer and new parts ordered and installed. All good now.
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So....did any of you get an explanation of what exactly failed? Ive had the immobilizer antenna failure come up a couple times. 1st time I found if I turned the handlebars to the left to the stop it would start with no warning, all good. If I centered the bars again, immobilizer failure message again. Repeated a few times with the same results. I read somewhere if you push upwards on the immobilizer cable towards the ignition switch to relieve stress on it, it would start. And it did. I thought I'd replace the zip ties and not snug them up as tight as they were from the factory to reduce strain on the cable. That worked good for 300 miles or so and the issue came back.
I've now freed the immobilizer cable completely from the bundle of wires it was strapped to and haven't had an issue at all for 500+ miles. I'm wondering if just the connector was tweaked enough under strain to interrupt contact with the immobilizer. Anyone have a picture of this assembly up close? If it's happy with the cable free floating (routed so it won't get pinched) I may just wing it. I don't really want this all taken apart and replaced if it's not absolutely necessary...
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I also did the same and loosened the cable ties but it still kept coming back. I’ve since heard of similar issue on the KTM890.
Dealer ran all sorts if diagnostic tests and in the end replaced the whole lot, cable and ignition plus new keys.
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