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Husqvarna Ride Bluetooth Audio Feature Quesitons

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I managed to connect my Apple IPhone 12 Pro to the bike's bluetooth with no issues but for headset selection I tried my Apple airpods both 2nd and 3rd gen with no luck. I have no issues connecting my Bose bluetooth airbuds but I prefer the Apple units (it fits better with my helmet). Unless you have some sort of headset connections (wireless or wired) with the Husqvarna Ride on the bike (901 Norden Expedition) you can't use the audio feature on the bike and no navigation with your phone. So has anyone had any luck connecting Apple Airpods to the bike? It just may be a Apple thing not being compatible?
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Try forgetting the AirPods on your phone, then connect them to the bike, then add them again to your phone once the bike is paired with them.
This is an issue for my Sena 50S as well. I have to connect the Sena to to the bike. But then the phone connects to both the sena and the bike, and there is no sound. So i go in to the bluetooth menu on the phone and disconnects the sena, but keeeps the Husquarna connection. Works well
I found a work around first i connected the my iphone to the husky ride app via bluetooth, then on the husky app selected wire headset instead of bluetooth. Use my airpods connected to my iphone via bluetooth as before. Now i can use the bike controls for my iphone mainly music and if i need navigation i can use the phone fot navigation which i prefer.
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