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Hey Guys,

G'day from Australia. I have had my Norden for a few months and loving it. Just completed 6000km around outback Queensland in 11days to get a feel for the girl.

Came from a Ninja 1000 and the Norden was great, though missing some of that 1lt straight line speed the Ninja gave. Not to much off road this trip as I am new to it but looking forward to new tyres, lower suspension and a bit more crash protection and less weight!

Niggles I had and will try to address

Clutch issue: bike wanted to find nutural when in second. And issues finding first from nutural from a start. The second to nutural was an issue as happened on a hill and tipped over. Two tips on back to back days. Only scratches on the plastic protective gear thankfully.

I've been told the KTM's had similar issue, and advised to lengthen the shifter rod so there is more tension...will give that a shot. Otherwise quick shifter might get switched off till a fix comes.

Wind buffer: wind buffer somewhat annoying on long days. I have a spoiler but didn't come in time for this trip so will see how that goes. Will look at changing mirrors as well at some point as I feel they cause wind to be deflected to the sides of the helmet.

Height. I am a short ass 5'7 and can just tippy with both feet. Will look at lowering the suspension just to give more confidence.

Cruise control: cruise was a god send, but a little sensitive to auto deactivate over road bumps and aggressive off throatle on manual deactivates when not paying attention

Spot lights: weird that the lights would be on but not show as green on the button. Weird one, wonder if anyone else has had that.

Other then that bike was great. Long hauls were effortless and seat is the best I have had on a bike.

Here are some photos from Mission Beach, Yungambara, Undara lava tubes, Port Douglas and Lions Den just short of Cooktown
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Welcome! Great trip and great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

I came from an 890 Adventure so got to know the quirks of the quick shifter before I got the Norden. I complained the first week I had the bike and the head tech at the shop politely told me its a sensitive quick shifter. the mapping comes from the 890 Duke R so use it accordingly, and mostly it was user error and I'd figure it out. He was RIGHT!

Check your bike in the dark. I had the same question about the spot light switch, turns out it was lit up but doesn't show well in daylight.

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Nice pics of beautiful QLD
I’ve only racked up 1200km so far and I am really enjoying this bike. I too had fasle neutrals and I adjusted the gear leaver down about 5-10mm no not such an issue, plus I agree that technique is all about mastering the quick shift
I’m certainly loving this bike in the dirt
Cheers from Melbourne
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