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Hello from The Netherlands

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Hey people,

Might as well introduce myself over here, because i`ve been looking here for ages now.

I`m Jay, 43, from the Netherlands and a new 2023 Norden 901 owner. Have some km`s done now on the bike and more and more falling in love with it. Comming from a KTM Duke 690, this is something else! Needed a motorcycle to drive greater distances with, because i want to spend my comming holidays exploring some other countries by motorcycle and firstly thought to get a KTM 890 Adventure R, but after reading and watching a lot of reviews, decided the Norden is the better bike for my use. I won`t do single tracks or anything crazy, maybe some gravel, but mainly paved roads.

I`ll see you guys around i guess. Already got some questions i like to ask...
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Welcome and congratulations on you good choice of Adventure bike.
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