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Hello and thanks for letting me inside.
Now I have pay deposit for my new Norden 901 with full specs.
Not cheap but hopefully she give me lot of love.sow looking forward to stay here in forum.
With my spec on motorcycle it will cost 178000 with 15 procent discount of seller.
1.heat grips.
2 heat saddle for passanger and driver
3 soft bags .
4 ride app.
5 center stand.
6 protection for Head light.
7 engine protection.
8 protection för display.
Everything except explorer mode and air suspension.
17800 euro

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Hi there!

Were in Sweden are u from? Im in second place to get my new Norden, cant wait to get my hands on it! Saw that u put on the protection for the headlight in your spec. You know its not aloud to have it on in Sweden, just for offroad use… Just saying!
Are u going with the Scorpion tires or you thinking to shift? Hope I came across per off Motoz Tractionators Rallz, best tires ever! My dealer says the bike maybe shows up in store in jan-feb, what did you hear?
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