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Hello from Austria

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Hello, I am Wolfgang from Salzburg.

This fall, the purchase of new motorcycles for my wife and me was on the plan.
Actually, it should be a KTM 1290 SuperAdventure for me (previously KTM 1190 Adventure) and a KTM 890 Adventure for my wife (previously BMW F650GS Twin).
With the Adv 1290 I was in the spring already a day on the road and since my wife needs a lowering I have undertaken in the fall the test ride for her. The dealer just didn't have an Adv 890 registered so he gave me a Norden to test ride.
I was so excited during the test ride and the Adv 1290 driven directly afterwards still briefly seemed so heavy to me that I changed my mind and bought the testbike directly from him.
So now an Adv 890 and a Norden 901 are standing in our stable together ;-)

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Welcome! Great looking picture, I have the same combination
What do you feel are the biggest differences between the KTM and the Norden?
Hi Philipe,
its a little bit to early for me to answer this question seriously, because I did only a testride with the norden an brought the KTM from the dealer to my home (5km in light rain)
ButI think the difference are only the plastics


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