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Hello from Austria "The first 2500 kilometers with the Norden 901".

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I am since this year Norden rider, and since there are no reasonable German Norden forums, I write as ex-KTM 7/890 ADV driver times here purely.

1. standard tires

The Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR is a pretty good tire. Three times so far in the corner something drifted away, I blame times on the still too cold Asfalt and possibly Restsalzstaubauf the Asfalt (on the mountain at about 3-6 ° C) in April. When driving on gravel roads clearly better than the 90/10 tires of Conti trail Attack 3 and Dunlop Meridian. In the wet also without complaint. At about 60-100 kmh you can hear some grobstoliges tire hum, but not further disturbing. Would not have trusted this relatively coarse 80:20 tires this road performance. Am very satisfied with him so far.

2nd engine

The engine pulls very well and is also usable at low speeds from 2500 rpm and fully hackable from 3000 rpm. Engine performance has increased somewhat from 1000 to 2500 km. Consumption is very low, so far in pillion mode with TopCase creep 4.2 and brisk to 4.5 L/100km on long distance. On short trips to about 40 km max. 4.9 L/100km. On my 790 ADV I had 4.6-4.9 L/100km. The consumption display agrees exactly with the "refueled" consumption. The remaining km display works 100% correctly. I get about 400 km on one tank. Record was 432.8 km until stuttering. The engine runs vibration-free between 3500-4500 rpm, from 5000 rpm there are increasing medium vibrations, but little disturbing. The thrust on the mountain despite pillion and topcase is really very strong, in 2nd gear she stands up effortlessly.
3. quickshifter

The quickshifter runs just perfect, flawless in every gear and every speed - really top. Smooth, precise, no gear bouncing, no load shocks, just precise and smooth. Transmission: runs very well, like Japanese. The quickshifter, engine, ride comfort are worlds better than my previous 790 ADV.

4. windshield

The windshield is embarrassingly bad. How can a motorcycle advertised as a touring bike have such poor wind protection ? Ie from chest height it pulls very violently and it gets you very cold at the current temperatures. Have mounted the accessory top plate, so it is about 1/3 better. Once there is a better alternative windshield, I will retrofit this. The windshield on the 790 ADV was much better, but also more turbulent in terms of helmet noise. From the legs to under the beginning of the chest it is perfectly wind-free. Since the 790 ADV had a little more wind draft, but it had never bothered me.

5. brakes:

Top, however, the front dips a little deeper, but practically no more than the 790 ADV. But with 220 mm of suspension travel, that's probably normal.

6. chassis:

Ride comfort is excellent, the Norden bounces away virtually everything. Surprisingly, it remains stable-precise in the curve despite the cuddly soft chassis. However, it doesn't have the final razor sharpness of the 7/890 ADV. However, the 790 ADV also had road tires mounted. In return, the Norden's turn-in resistance is much lower than the 790 ADV and it's livelier when wobbling around corners, but somehow feels decoupled from the road. Will have to get used to it. Adjusting the rebound on the shock was essential with me, stock it was way too soft and too bouncy. The front fork stutters up to about 80 km / h, that bothers me. Could not improve it but so far by changing the compression / rebound.

7. seat:

The seat is in my opinion the best on the entire market. It fits me like a glove. Incredibly good even for the pillion. You don't feel anything at all on your butt even after a full day ride.
Footstand, seat height: the north is too high for 175 cm rider. Still haven't gotten used to it. Since the 790 ADV with 830 mm was much better suited to me.

8. off-road capability:

No comment, as I am not an off-road rider. Drive only gravel roads and bad roads, and that puts the north loose, casually away, you do not even notice that you drive on gravel road.

9. shortcomings:

a. On the first trip from the dealer's yard after 50 km in a traffic circle spontaneously died with error message "ignition lock". Has never occurred again so far. There is also no stalling in cold running.
b. Coolant leakage directly before the 1000 km initial service at the right radiator hose clamp. The clamp was tightened. Otherwise it runs faultless so far.

10. the rest in short:

Incredibly comfortable, the exact opposite of the KTM 790 ADV. Everything goes very smoothly, easily (shifting, clutch, brakes, ...).
Weaknesses: in pillion mode at decent acceleration the rear dives noticeably, the KTM 790 ADV did not dive at all and that with a spring preload of only 1-3 turns. Have the strut of the north now times durchgetestet with different settings and today found my usable setting. The disadvantage of the soft spring is just that it sinks in with pillion (60 kg) 5 cm and after descent rises again 5 cm in the rear and my feet are in the air. Too bad that it has no electronic shock absorber.

Straight running: the north runs even with TopCase to Vmax absolutely stable and pendulum-free.

Modifications so far

1. topcase Shad flexible 42-58 liters. The top case you feel as good as not at all when driving. The 790 ADV reacted very nervously to the smaller, lighter original Ktm plastic topcase.

2nd chain oiler, heated grips and performance parts will be fitted this weekend.

So far I am very happy with my Norden.

Wish all Norden riders and blog interested people a lot of fun in the just started season.

With bikegreetings
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Thanks great review!! Any problem with the heat on the rear shock???
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