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Handle bar width

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Please can someone tell me the overall stock handlebar width of the Norden? Bar end to bar end or Hand guard to hand guard, whichever is greater. I'm comparing that width to the width of the luggage racks available with my hard hard bags. I'm trying to stay narrower than the handlebars with the hard bags on. I might wind up reusing the HappyTrails hard bags I have on the Super Tenere now. if I go with them again. I made some backing plates for my Nelson Rigg soft bags that mount to the same mounting holes as the hard bags. So In this instance I would just need to buy the rack, which will keep my expenses down.

With 4 years of hard use on my KLR and 10 years on the Super Tenere, I have not had any issues with the HappyTrails mounting racks. I don't work for or am associated with HappyTrails.

Fyi, the installed width of the Happytrails mounts on the Norden is 22 inches. I am going to start checking the other manufacturers dimensions.
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Did I phrase my main question wrong? There are 140 looks but no replies. All I am looking for is a quick side to side (width) of the stock handle bars.
I got right at three feet (36"), taking into account the Barkbusters.
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