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Givi tankbag on luggage rack

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I still have a tankbag from my previous bike which fits onto a Givi tanklock. Sadly it's too big to mount on the Norden's tank so I wondered how I could keep using it...

I found the Givi S430 seatlock (SOFT BAGS FOR MOTORCYCLES AND SCOOTERS S430 - SEATLOCK) which works fine on the rear seat but since I also have the original luggage carrier to put my Ortlieb bag onto ( I thought why not mount the Givi Seatlock onto the luggage carrier.

So here's what I came up with... Works really well, is solid and I can keep using my old tankbag :cool:


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Hi all, if anyone has a Givi tank lock bag that they are looking to fit to thier lovely new Norden 901 I wouldn't bother buying the newly released fitting kit 馃憥 I got mine today and when I looked at how it fitted it would mean the tank bag (which ever model you may have once clipped in place) will be inclined towards the rider at about 40 degrees 馃 meaning it will be difficult to open the bag, if you do much of your stored items are likely to fall out and the tank bag will be rather close if not pressed against the riders stomach 馃槻 not sure who designed it but it needs some serious rethinking, mine will be going back 馃檮
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@Glenn totally agree.
Seems like all of the tanklock type fittings from the different manufacturers are like that for the Norden so I won't bother with it.
If I really need to use a tankbag I'll get one with straps I guess...
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