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Fuel Surging

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Had a really good first ride today up in the mountains. But on the way home, with about 100 miles of fuel left the bike started to surge pretty bad. Completely off/on for fractions of a second. Lurching hard and then would be ok for a bit. I got home and pulled the right side cover and verified that the petcock was open. The left side was easy. So with both petcocks open do any of you have any insight on this? Bike was perfect all day until I was lower on fuel.
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Had a similar issue after setting off from home once. I pulled onto the road, opened the throttle and nothing for a fraction of a second and the a sudden lurch. Then it was ok for the whole day and hasn't happened since... Fuel was at least half full at that point...
No idea what it was...
Setting off from home there’s a chance you started up on one cylinder. The Norden and apparently 890’s have an issue with cold start. Mine will cold start on one cylinder and pop or backfire if I give it some gas. It has lurched a few times; if I think it’s running on two and I’m able to take off. Most of the time it stalls when I pop it in gear or try to drive. A restart and quick throttle blip usually resolves. I do hope this is addressed but it is another discussion in the forum under cold start.

The only thing I’ve read for coming back from a ride is the poor fuel mapping at low speeds. If you were coasting at low throttle maybe it was a fuel delivery issue that is described by other users elsewhere?

hope it was a one off!
For me it was giving it the beans climbing a very long steep hill. Hard surging with about 100 miles of fuel left. Like completely on / off throttle for fractions of a second. I've since filled it and ran some fuel med rx (2oz) in the tank and so far it's been running perfectly. When I get down to about 100 miles I'll see if it happens again. I've never felt like it was only running on one cylinder.
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