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800km straight out the gate, first ride.

found the petcocks weren’t undone completely on either side. Ran out of fuel 10k outta town. Fuel gauge still isn’t reading accurately despite multiple refills.

front fork is very soft. I wound compression clicks 4 put from closed (anti-clockwise)

large square edge hits were harsh I ran 8 clicks of preload from off (8 clockwise clicks)

inrode with 13 clicks of rebound from soft (so weird that rebound is called soft/hard vs slow fast

Mods at dealer on pickup:
Fitted funnel web filter
Heated grips
Windshield spoiler
Akro slip on
Radiator protector grill
Fender kit (front)
GPS bracket - bolt rattled loose after fitting SP Gadget vibration dampener. Note that the vibration dampener doesn’t integrate into the GPS bracket properly. It faces in but doesn’t lock in like all of the other SP Gadget mounts.
Smartphone adaptor (SP) - this is what I removed to fit the vibration dampener.
rally footpegs
Explorer Pack
Optimate weather proof battery lead
Swapped tyres out for Motoz Rallz 150/70 rear 37psi, Motoz Rallz 90/90 front 34 psi. I weigh 100 kilo with riding gear and took 10-15 kilos of luggage. From what I am reading, that is a little on the hard side, and will be dropping pressure on future rides to find the sweet spot

Mods on order:
rrow midpipe
AXP racing “hard” bashplate
Husq stand plate
Husq side bag set
Husq luggage bag
Auxiliary lamp protector
Headlight protection
Husq connectivity unit
Fuel tank protection sticker kit (this stuff is like deck grip for a skateboard)

Link to ride is here:

Looking forward to posting more photos once the midpipe and bash guard is installed.

i love this bike.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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