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exhaust silencers that fit a KTM 890 Adventure fit on a Norden 901
Nicecnc Parts are so good.

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So it worked out closer to 拢600 then? Are you running with baffle or without Glenn?
Yes in total it was close to 拢600, I've tried it with and without the baffle, sounds good either way, I think if you had early morning starts I would say baffle in to avoid waking up your neighbors otherwise baffle out 馃憤 runs nicely either way and just looks so much nicer 馃憤

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My buddy is selling his 790 Adventure R, so he removed his Wings exhaust and sold it to me. Sounds great, fit is pretty good. You can see in the straight on pic below that the exhaust looks a bit canted. I can probably align this a bit better, but couldn't be bothered.

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Norden 901 2022
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Well, I've been testing an exhaust combination.
I have achieved a good sound and less weight for little money.
Firstly I have done it to combat the heat coming from the catalytic converter. And second, to improve the sound but without changing the aesthetics, because I think that the standard muffler is not ugly or very heavy.

1 Decat.

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2 Db killer before muffler

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After mounting the catalytic converter suppressor and driving a few kilometers on the road, I did not like the sound.
Too loud and obnoxious for me.
Then I ordered a dbkiller (attached photo) and it improved the sound a lot but it seemed that it lost motor power.
I took it out again and made the holes bigger until I found the perfect combination.

It has a deeper sound but it is not annoying when I drive around the city

I would like to find another Norden nearby to make a sound comparison video.
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