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Engine heat.

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I’ve already deleted the cat. Riding in California on a 76° day feeling a lot of heat from the engine. Has anyone lowered the thermostat temperature, and chipped injection to make it run richer/cooler? Thanks.
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This has me concerned. I just picked up my 901 Expedition last week. Only have a few rides around town and on the highway and holy molten lava, Batman... the heat! If deleting the cat doesn't reduce the heat significantly I fear this isn't the bike for me. :(
I've been in high 90°s on my Norden and it can get a little warm, but not unbearable. The key for me is to either stand or move my knees about an inch away from the bike and the air flows much better. I also have a seat cover that helps a ton and cools your butt a lot! I only notice it when going <10mph.

The places I feel the heat are on my feet from the cat, on my right foot where the header runs parallel with my right foot and out of the fans that blow directly on my knees. I wish there was a way to deflect the air out more.
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