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:..did my 600 mile oil change..:

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Bought the oil and filter cartridge from the dealer when I was checking out after loading The Prescription on the trailer.

Pretty well straight forward in getting it done. The weather has been somewhat picky here in the middle of Iowa - so for me to get a quick 600 sMiles was a chore in early April.

I did notice quite a bit of fibers and blue loctite in the small screens - also a light coating of gray metallic "paste" on the small magnets in the middle of the screen holders.

Oil that came out was brand new looking and the whole ordeal wasn't daunting at all.

Took me a couple of times to do the reset for mileage and months for next biggie.

Power Synt loaded back into the RX and it is ready for some go-go speed and redline shifting.

I did change the shift lever to it's lowest position also, as I was missing shifts due to it being so high set from the factory.

Question : I never did get a "warning" about changing the oil. And when I did the reset nothing seem to change on the front screen.

I know I reset it because I did plug in the reminders for mileage and months for warning / alert.

Anyway - I guess if I get the warning alert I'm over rev'ving the mill beyond the breakin of 6500 rpms I can redo the reset as I clocked 602 sMiles on the RX before resetting and oil change.

I will keep y'all informed.
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Reading the manual it says 621 miles.... you might not be there yet on the clock.
Let us know in another 19 sMiles.

One of the dealer's mechanics said something about changing a part in the clutch also.... do you know anything about this?

Appreciate you sharing your experiences.


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Yes, I do believe you are correct about not seeing the mileage "warning" about 1st service. I guess we will know about that in 20 sMiles it so. I can do that procedure again in the road this morning once the weather is s bit warmer.
I did ask my dealer/tech about the clutch report. He stayed to make sure the 2 screens at the oil plugs be cleaned thoroughly. He was aware of the report. He also stated to remove all material from the 2 magnets as best as possible. My screens were pretty clean other than some fibers and some blue loctite remnants. The 2 magnets had a slight film of metal "paste" that was easily removed.
I will report back later today.
I just picked-up my brand new '22 model Norden (standard) last week. The Oz distributor knocked AU$1400 off the price of the '22 models to get rid of them.

Anyway, I just changed the engine oil & filter at 150kms and the oil was as black as the Ace of Spades! It hadn't looked that bad in the sight glass.

I've put in some "running in" oil (it's actually marketed as that by Penrite - 15/40 mineral oil, no friction modifiers) which will get me to the 1000km first service.


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