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Crashbars @hepcko&becker??

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I see there are already a few posts about crashbars
I love the look of the thork racing ones similar to the ones on the concept norden the top bar is over the H on the fairing but they’re aluminum and I plan on dropping it a few times I know aluminum will most likely bend.
I’m curious why no one is talking about the hepcko and beckers I like that it’s 1 piece and I definitely like the look! If anyone has these let me know how you like them and where you got them and prices please. I noticed a knock off set on alibaba not sure if they’re stainless or not
I also like the touratechs but they’re too expensive in my opinion over 800$
EDIT!!! I also just found a set from a website called HEED look like it’s out of the uk but they definitely look ALOT different than everything out so far
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I kitted my bike with all H&B gear (minus the skid plate) and love it. I personally wouldn't risk a knockoff.

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Without a doubt, they are the most beautiful bars, but what I don't like is that they are bolted to the engine. I prefer the axp skid plate and the crosspro upper bars.
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