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5000 rpm jerking on acceleration

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Today I had my first 100 km ride on a new 2023 Norden and found out that it will jerk at around 5000 rpm if I accelerate more than a certain level. It happens in 4th or 5th gear and I did not try it in 6th. After a few very unpleasant yanks when we reach around 5500 rpms everything settles down. Releasing the throtlle just a little also helps. Anyone has a clue what is happening? For me it looks like some sofware problem maybe throttle adaptation is needed or something like that. No errors on dashboard though....
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sounds to me like it is surging. Wouldn't have a clue on how to fix it.

You mention you put on 100kms today - was that the 1st 100kms??

You might well want to got back thru the gears slowly accelerating up and beyond 5000 rpms and see if it does it again at the 5000rpm mark.

Perhaps the computer is learning and also trying to make adjustments for the fuel air mix? What's the weather like today - different from other days you've ridden??

I'm just stabbing the air here - but it deff sounds like a software issue.

Try and replicate it....
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yes it was the 1st 100 km, the weather is +10C (50 F). Slow acceleration is perfectly fine. Acceleration "slightly more than slow" will cause the issiue but its not a hard acceleration with full throttle or smth like that. I think 40-50% of trottle is enough to start jerking.
hope that its learning since dealer is 120 miles away and I cannot visit them next few days
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I would guess the computer is learning your inputs and making adjustments as needed.

I would also make sure when riding that you are using all the rev range to really break in the engine well.

Not necessarily wringing it out at every gear change but getting it up in the rpms to make sure the computer reads those inputs.

I hope it gets sorted out for you asap.

Keep us posted.
Make sure both of your fuel cocks are open also.
проверены топливные краны- их два под баками- они часто не до конца открыты
Hey guys finally problem solved and it took a while.
I've taken the bike to the dealer and they started to check everything ignoring that the peoblem is 100% related to fuel level in the tank. Flushed engine ECU than something else, checked throttle and did a lot of bullshit that manufacturer support made them to do. Finally a week later they came up to checking fuel pressure. Yes it was too low. The reason was blocked fuel filter with something that looked like slime. Filter replacement and tank cleaning - and now I finally have an awesome acceleration with no special effects.
Mechanic and me both think that the substance could be a piece of packaging polystyrol that somehow had got into the tank during transportation or mounting and then been almost dissolved with petrol.

Yeah now I'm struggling with connectivity which doesnt want to be recognised by an ariginal app :))) But that is a different story
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