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500 mile ride

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I planned a ride out to Palouse Falls in WA which would have been about 300 miles, round trip which I thought would be a good break in ride. It was a hot day with the temps in the mid 90's. My riding buddy wanted to go over to Clarkston and Pullman (by Idaho) in a longer loop to prep for his cross country ride in July. We wound up doing about 500 miles total.

This Expedition is amazing. For the whole trip I averaged about 55 mpg, with bike indicated speeds up to about 95, due to still being in the under 600 mile rev limit zone. This is my first bike with cruise and is now very much appreciated. The odometer compared to the gps is off by 2-3 mph. that is better than my Super Tenere. Is there an odometer speed correction tool? There is about 1/2 mph difference between my buddies Zumo XT and mine. Neither of us could find a set speed that would keep us even. We were either a bit too fast or a bit too slow than the other person

The seat is amazing too. It is the first stock seat, that didn't have me squirming because of rear end soreness, especially on a new bike. I did get uncomfortable due to no air flow under me like I had on my bead seat. I now have a mesh stye seat cover ordered.

The bike is really stable and planted at highway speeds as well as at aggressive cornering speeds. There are lots of twisty 2 lane roads in SE Washington, I found out. The access road to the falls is a maintained loose gravel road (about 1.5 miles long) from the paved highway. The bike was just floating over the washboard/stutter bumps like they weren't even there on the stock suspension settings at about 25-30 mph.

The more I ride this bike, the more I love it. It is everything I was hoping for and then some. Now that I know how well it does on the pavement, I can't wait to start hitting the trails.
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Glad you're getting to know your bike and break it in. Nice Pics from your ride. Enjoy!
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This is what it's all about, great photos!
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