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Husqvarna apparently took inspiration from a Dakar Rally bike when designing the Norden 901's fuel tank.

Fuel capacity is 19 liters and as a result can give the Norden a range of 400 km (248.5 miles)

Fuel tank
The fuel tank is a central element of the design and engineering concept of the Norden 901. The target was to provide slim ergonomics similar to those of a Dakar Rally bike. Based on extensive experience from motorsports development, the rotation-moulded fuel tank places its main volume ahead of the rider’s knees, wrapped around the centrally mounted engine.

This lowers the centre of gravity and helps provide spirited handling, both on the street and offroad. Additionally, the tank does not disturb freedom of movement as it allows for a straighter seat, giving the rider more freedom to move between riding positions. It also allows the seat to be lower which aids in the overall accessibility of the motorcycle without compromising ground clearance.

Fuel capacity is approximately 19 litres which combined with exceptional fuel economy gives a range of about 400 km, providing a significant advantage on extended journeys. A premium filler cap featuring a machined Husqvarna Motorcycles logo adds to the functional design of the fuel tank.

The lower part of the tank also protects the rider’s legs from cold air, dirt or water spray when travelling in demanding conditions.
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