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Here is the full list of information Husqvarna shared about the Norden 901' chassis.

Features and benefits
/ Chassis


The strong, forged aluminium footrest holders were developed to provide superior ergonomics and the cast steel footrests have been specifically engineered for all-day riding, both in seated or standing positions wearing street or offroad boots. These provide exceptional comfort allowing the rider to carry on for extended periods of time. Additionally, the footrests have rubber inserts which can be removed when added grip is necessary in challenging terrain and a reversable rear brake lever tip allows for a custom set-up tailored towards street or offroad boots.

Chromium-molybdenum steel frame
The frame uses a tubular chromium-molybdenum steel frame with the engine as a stressed member to reduce weight and size. The overall design and engineering were aimed at providing a compact unit and weight reduction to guarantee high levels of agility and stability. The laser-cut components are robot-welded and hydro-formed ensuring flawless precision and consistent quality. By using high-grade chromium-molybdenum tubular steel, detailed feedback is delivered to the rider through precisely engineered torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex. Additionally, the premium black powder coating and standard frame protectors guarantee superior protection and durability.

The geometry of the motorcycle was developed to create a world-class travel bike. It provides light handling and is sporty on the street, while also being comfortable for longer distances and offering unrivalled offroad capability. The rear shock is angled to reduce seat height. The rider position is relatively close to the front wheel, improving front wheel feel and grip while the compact frame allows for a long swingarm to aid traction.

The steel trellis subframe helps keep overall weight low. It was developed to be compact, lightweight but also strong enough to carry a passenger and luggage under the challenging conditions that can be expected when exploring beyond the paved road.

  • Precisely engineered torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex → detailed feedback for maximum rider confidence and comfort
  • Lightweight construction → excellent agility and handling
Aluminium swingarm
The signature gravity die-cast, open-lattice swingarm is precisely manufactured from lightweight aluminium and has been specifically engineered for stiffness and stability while still offering excellent flex characteristics.

By using a direct link for the rear shock, complexity and parts are reduced to allow for easy maintenance, while the specific length of the swingarm aids in traction, stability and suspension set-up.

  • Lightweight and strong for confident handling and comfort
Front suspension
The WP APEX 43 mm upside-down front forks with 220 mm travel deliver precise performance and comfort in varying environments. Using a split damping function on the open-cartridge forks, compression and rebound damping can be adjusted effortlessly using the easy access clickers located on the fork tube tops. These allow the rider to personalise the ride characteristics to their own preference and varying conditions.

A steering damper aids in stability when riding on harsh street surfaces but does not interfere with offroad riding. Additionally, the frame is ready for high-performance adjustable offroad steering dampers.

  • WP APEX 43 mm upside-down forks → precise performance and comfort
  • 220 mm suspension travel → perfect combination of street and offroad capability
  • Easy access clicker dials → effortless damping changes
Rear suspension
The Norden 901 is fitted with a WP APEX shock absorber providing 215 mm of rear-wheel travel for the perfect balance of street and offroad riding with all-day riding comfort. The damping behaviour can be adjusted with a rebound damping adjuster and there is a hand adjuster for spring preload. The rebound damping adjustability allows the rider to adapt the shock’s response for different riding situations, while the quick adjustment of the spring preload allows for different loadings of the bike such as when luggage or a passenger are carried.

  • WP APEX monoshock → adjustable for rebound damping and preload
  • 215 mm rear-wheel travel (78.5 mm suspension travel)

Aluminium triple clamps and handlebars
Lightweight, strong and stiff for stability, with the right amount of flex to provide the rider with feel for what the chassis is doing.

The forged aluminium triple clamps are a mark of the premium quality that comes as standard on the Norden 901. Crafted using lightweight aluminium, the triple clamps are designed with a specific rigidity to ensure high levels of strength and tracking stability while also delivering precise chassis feedback and comfort to the rider. Additionally, the steering stem is made of high-strength aluminium instead of steel for excellent reliability with minimal weight.

Aluminium tapered handlebars allow maximum control while offering a comfortable riding position and the six handlebar mounting positions provide an adjustment range of 30 mm (front to rear) for customisable ergonomics.

  • Precisely engineered flex → tracking stability and precise feedback
  • Aluminium tapered handlebars → maximum control and comfort
The Norden 901 features state-of-the-art bodywork with a height-adjustable two-piece seat that provides exceptional grip and comfort in all conditions. Striking colours and graphics highlight Husqvarna Motorcycles’ progressive design. Tightly wrapped around the engine and frame, the Norden’s bodywork is ergonomically designed to connect the rider’s body with the bike for a perfect fit, providing total control in all riding situations. Handguards fitted as standard protect the rider’s hands from the elements and stray foliage.

Based on extensive experience from Husqvarna Motorsports Rally development, a front carrier with an integrated LED headlight and standard-fitment fog lights has a slim profile and is integral to the Norden’s aerodynamic efficiency. An inner spoiler functions both as a structural element for the fog lights and instrument holder, as well as an air guide routing air through the bodywork for added stability at high speeds. Additionally, an integrated 12 V connector allows for easy charging of handheld devices mounted to the handlebars or on the mounting point above the main dashboard.

Nestled into the front-end, a premium LED headlight conveys an unmistakable look. A daytime running light circles the circumference of the headlight making the Norden 901 clearly visible in all conditions. The standard-fitment fog lights provide additional visibility in challenging conditions and when riding at night. These, together with the LED taillight and turn signals, give the Norden a progressive, minimalistic look.

  • Functional design → carefully engineered aerodynamics for maximum control and stability
  • Integrated LED headlight and fog lights → modern and minimalistic look
  • Striking colours and graphics → highlight Husqvarna Motorcycles’ progressive design
  • Slim bodywork → easy movement and exceptional ergonomics for all sizes of rider
The height-adjustable two-piece seat offers welcome comfort for extended journeys. The rider seat is narrow towards the front, making it easier for the rider to place their feet on the ground as required. Precisely engineered seat foam firmness ensures that the rider remains comfortable even when riding all day long.

The seat cover uses a mixture of high-quality materials to deliver superior comfort and durability. Padded and heat-stamped ribs on the rider seat provide additional comfort and prevent slip in wet conditions.

Additionally, ergonomic rider and passenger heated seats are available as Technical Accessories to give maximum comfort on long riding days in challenging conditions.

Fuel tank
The fuel tank is a central element of the design and engineering concept of the Norden 901. The target was to provide slim ergonomics similar to those of a Dakar Rally bike. Based on extensive experience from motorsports development, the rotation-moulded fuel tank places its main volume ahead of the rider’s knees, wrapped around the centrally mounted engine.

This lowers the centre of gravity and helps provide spirited handling, both on the street and offroad. Additionally, the tank does not disturb freedom of movement as it allows for a straighter seat, giving the rider more freedom to move between riding positions. It also allows the seat to be lower which aids in the overall accessibility of the motorcycle without compromising ground clearance.

Fuel capacity is approximately 19 litres which combined with exceptional fuel economy gives a range of about 400 km, providing a significant advantage on extended journeys. A premium filler cap featuring a machined Husqvarna Motorcycles logo adds to the functional design of the fuel tank.

The lower part of the tank also protects the rider’s legs from cold air, dirt or water spray when travelling in demanding conditions.

TFT dashboard
The Norden 901 is equipped with a state-of-the-art 5” TFT display. The full-colour display is easily readable with the main information positioned so the rider can immediately process it.

The display's configuration can be varied and automatically adapts to changes in environmental light. The rider can select which information they would like to have displayed on the screen. This includes the trip meter, fuel range and fuel consumption, water temperature, and so on. All ride mode and ABS settings are immediately visible on the screen. Additionally, a configurable shift light blinks to indicate when to change gear.

With the Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles App, a smartphone can be connected to the bike through the optional Connectivity Unit for turn-by-turn navigation, to accept phone calls and listen to music.

Wheels and tyres
The spoked 21” front and 18” rear tubeless wheels ensure high levels of strength and durability with minimal unsprung weight for exceptional street and offroad riding performance. The wheel hubs feature a black anodised finish for premium looks and durability.

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres are fitted to the wheels, 90/90-21 on a 2.5” rim at the front and 150/70-18 on a 4.5” rim at the rear. These high-end tyres offer superlative grip and durability across a wide range of conditions.

  • Tubeless spoked wheels → added comfort and less risk of flat tyres
  • Lightweight but strong and reliable construction → minimal unsprung weight
  • Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres → superlative grip and durability on the street and offroad
The Norden 901 features a state-of-the-art Husqvarna branded J.Juan braking system. With its MotoGP-derived technology, the leading Spanish brake supplier delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Black anodised brake calipers and a lasered Husqvarna Motorcycles logo highlight the progressive design and premium finish.

Up front, four-piston, radially mounted brake calipers and two Ø 320 mm brake discs allow for a perfect mix of control and stopping power on tarmac and loose surfaces. The strength of the piston spring in the master cylinder has been specifically calculated for exceptional feel and feedback at the brake lever, while ‘Slim-Seal’ technology allows for greater precision in the pressure applied by the caliper pistons.

The rear brake features a Ø 260 mm brake disc actuated by a two-piston floating caliper. The isolated pistons in the caliper in conjunction with isolation plates between the pads and pistons provide exceptional heat stability when the brake gets stressed in long downhill sections. Additionally, the rear caliper brake hose fittings are made of stainless steel in order to help dissipate heat.

The Bosch ABS system fitted as standard prevents wheel lock-up under hard braking and can be deactivated on the rear wheel for more advanced riders.

  • J.Juan braking system → controlled, confident braking performance on all surfaces
  • Bosch ABS → prevents wheel lock-up under hard braking
The EURO 5-compliant stainless-steel exhaust system allows the engine to breathe freely while maintaining low noise and exhaust emissions. Concealed within the framework, the exhaust system features a premuffler and final silencer layout. The premuffler aids in centralising mass as it allows for a smaller, lighter silencer.

  • Two-part stainless-steel exhaust → centralised mass and enhanced durability without added weight
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